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Today’s retirees are becoming more and more frustrated with the increasing cost of living along with what low interest rates and the volatile stock markets are doing to their retirement income. They are looking for better returns over traditional guaranteed interest products, like GIC’s and government bonds but they don’t want to take any risks.

A local retiree was quoted as saying, "This is unfair. I have worked my whole life, and always taken care of myself. Now, in the last three years, I have seen all my expenses go up and my GIC income drop to less than half of what it was!
I’m afraid I might outlive my savings! I wanted these investments to supplement my retirement income!" The feelings of this woman seem to be universal when people are asked about this touchy topic. As with anything else knowledge is the key.

"What most seniors don’t know is that they don’t have to risk their life savings in the stock markets to get a higher after-tax retirement income," says Rino Racanelli, the nation’s whiz on back to back annuities. "A back to back annuity is a low risk strategy that can increase your retirement income and still provide a sizeable estate to pass on to your loved ones."

In a recent online interview, Rino Racanelli from stated, "I can't imagine what drawbacks there would be for anyone who is retiring who would not like to have guaranteed income for the rest of their life, a plan that’s going to allow them to retire regardless of market conditions."

In order to help you get more informed, we've prepared a Free Report called…,

..."What You Don’t Know About Back To Back Annuities Could Be Costing You More Than You Think."........Four Terrific Examples Of How Some Retirees Have Doubled Their GIC and Bond Income Using A Back To Back Annuity.

This report shows retirees real life examples of how some people were able to double their GIC and Bond income using a back to back annuity almost instantly.

The report also explains
  • the enormous mistake seniors make when investing in GIC’s and bonds.
  • 5 important questions that determine if back to back annuities are right for you.
  • about the "Golden Rule of purchasing a back to back annuity" (Violate This Rule At Your Own Financial Risk!)
  • why the typical financial advisor can never promise you a higher rate of return using a back to back annuity.
  • how to protect your retirement income if a company goes bankrupt.
  • why even a 9% rate of return on a back to back annuity is not out of the question (as preposterous as that may sound).
So, if you’re retired or close to retiring be sure to take advantage of this free offer and get your copy of this shocking, and eye opening report. Simply complete the form below to get your free copy.

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