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"I can't imagine
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Rino Racanelli,

Rino Racanelli is widely considered to be a leading authority on back-to-back annuities. Since 1993 his company has been offering Canadians unique investment strategies using insurance products.

As a licenced insurance advisor in the province of Ontario for over 22 years, Rino has been showing Canadian investors the almost unheard methods of increasing their net cash flow while protecting their assets to pass on to future generations.

His educational background includes, graduate of: The University of Toronto, Seneca College, The Canadian Securities Course, The Canadian Investment Funds Course, and The Life Underwriters Association Training Course.

During his 22 year career, Rino has been a recipient of several awards, including: The Multi Million Dollar Club, Century Sales Club, Top Producers Club, and received the prestige Agency Builder Award.

A contributing editor at Canadian Money Saver magazine, Rino has written articles explaining the unique benefits of investing in insurance products that many of the banks and investment companies refuse to discuss.

Rino is a sought after personal finance speaker, and has delivered over 100 insurance related seminars across the province of Ontario. His investment techniques are embraced by investors around the nation because they are simple, easy to understand and virtually fail proof. But probably most importantly, he is a sought out simply because his techniques work.

More About is a privately-held Canadian company established to give Canadians alternative investment strategies using insurance products. This site will allow our visitors to obtain the best annuity rates in the industry. Each business day, we shop the market to check which companies are offering the best rates and best products for our customers. We negotiate on your behalf with only highly-rated Canadian insurance companies backed by the Assuris guarantee (

When it comes to buying an annuity product, not all companies are created equally. Each insurer calculates their own annuity rates using the following criteria:
  • the amount of money used to purchase the annuity,
  • the type of life annuity purchased,
  • current interest rates,
  • the ages of the annuitant and joint annuitant, if any,
  • the current long-term bond rates.
  • mortality and expense experience of the company
  • insurance credits

Some companies will offer better rates in certain age and gender classes. Other companies will offer better joint-life, single life, or term certain rates. Thatís why when you purchase an annuity it is vital to shop the market. You want to get the best return for your dollar.

Take advantage of our free quoting service. Find out which companies are offering the best annuity rates. If you have any questions contact us for a free review, we are dedicated to answering all you questions and offering you all the necessary additional information you need to make an informed decision.

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